1. About

a. What means “carpooling"?

Carpooling is when you travel with friends or acquaintances in the same car, using a new mechanism of rewards. You probably already do it, but now you can do it and win points(Aeons). The Share a Ride App (SAR) join drivers that have empty seats to passengers that want to go to the same destination in order to save money and earn Aeons.

b. What is the Share a Ride App (SAR)?

The Share a Ride is an application that allows you to create, planning and search for Rides, in real time or by scheduling. Through your network friends you can verify the drivers that are near to you and want to go to the same destination than you; - The application informs you about the distance and the time that your friend takes to arriving - Creation of a new reward mechanism system: The use of a social coin and benefits from company partnerships - Share a Ride is a Social Application, but its more than that. With the growing numbers of users, the App may become in an important Social media platform.

c. What means Aeons?

We call Aeons our social coin. Aeon is a Greg term (ut Aeon) used for designate “what is forever”, a long period or an eternity. The Aeons are assigned by each km traveled. The driver receives the Aeons depending of the number of Kms done, and receives the number of Aeons made by the passengers. The Aeons are unitary, so it will always be whole numbers.

d. What are the advantages of using the Share a Ride?

Apart from the economic reasons, sharing a car is also an eco- solidarity activity. Instead of using the car as an individual transport, share it with other people helps you to use it more efficiently. Consequently, reducing the environmental impact of your journey, such as pollution and traffic.

e. Can I make regular trips with Share a Ride App?

Yes. You can receive or give a ride as often as you want, regardless of distance. Can be used for short trips (eg . From home to work or bars) or long trips (eg. Lisbon to Porto, Lisbon to Rome...)

f. Can I use the Share a Ride App in foreign cities?

Of course. You can use your application profile in order to organize your trip anywhere in the world but it will be easier to find passengers and drivers in the countries where we are presentOur network extends to all countries where you can use Apple Store and Google Play.

2. Confidence and Security

a. « Trust and Good Conduct »

1. Is it legal to share car?

Yes. It's cool. What is not legal is make revenues by transporting passengers. By law, the private transport of passengers can not generate profits to drivers. In this view, The SAR was created exclusively to share the car with your colleagues, friends and family. However, you can now earn points by doing it.

b. »Security rules »

Which are the Safety Rules

The safety standards for drivers are the same as in any driving condition. The vehicle must be in order with the insurance on time and with the updated inspection. Check the tires pressure as well as the levels of oil and water, the brakes and the operation of lights, etc. Respect the code of road. Don´t drink alcohol nor use the phone while driving.

To the passengers are also applied the basic rules of security. E.g. Do not enter in a car that apparently does not meet the basic standards, which have no seat belts or whose driver appears to be drunk. For security reasons, minors may not register on the implementation of the Share Ride (under 18)

c. « Insurance »

If I share my car, will it is affect my Insurance?

In general, Portugal insurance cover from the ground the civil liability of passengers on a journey. Anyway, as a driver, we advise to make sure your insurance covers this situation, next to your insurance company.

2. How it works

a. How Share a Ride works?

When you open the application, you must first connect your phone's GPS. If it is not connected, a message appears asking if you want to turn on or not. By clicking on the "Yes" button, there will be a map showing the contacts that are connected with the app near the user.

I. “Start Ride”

When selecting a friend who is close to you, a message appears on your screen to join the same ride. You can click on " Yes" or "It was a mistake," and look for another ride. By clicking on the " Yes", it will be sent a request for a ride to the friend in question. Your friend will receive a notification that will inform him/she that you made a request for a ride. You can accept the ride by clicking on " Yes! Call me “, or deny the request by clicking " I 'm sorry. I can´t . " If your friend, click on " Yes! Call me”, you will receive a notification informing you that you need to call to your friend (by clicking on the phone icon). If your friend, click on “I 'm sorry. I can´t, " you will not receive any notice nor be able to make a request again for the same trip * CONFIRM It is important to know that it is only possible to take a ride once per person and per trip.

II. “Join Ride”

Driver: to start the trip , click on the "Start Ride" button. Passenger: Upon entering in the driver´s car, you must click on the " Join Ride" that appears on the home page of the application. The driver will need to click on the right button that displays a "+" symbol and will appear the QR Code that the passenger should read with the application. The driver must show again the QR Code for each passenger who join the ride. If the driver and / or the passenger wants to have more information about who is sharing the same trip , you need to click on the” more information” button , which is on the left side (green). The photo of the driver that appears between the green and blue button is the summary of the trip information.

III. "End travel"

When the driver and / or passenger clicks on the "End Ride" button, the information of the trip is synchronized with the SAR server. Later, it made a validation of the user(s) participation on the same trip and will be assigned Aeons depending on the number of kilometers driven simultaneously between the driver and the passenger (s). After validation of the journey between the driver and the passenger (s) is sent a notification for them reporting the amount of Aeons assigned. If the journey is less than the minimum amount of km to get Aeons (less than 1km), the passenger and the driver receive a thanks notification using the application. The finalization screen of the trip, reports the statistics relating to the number km's made, the CO2 emissions and traveled path. Is it possible to share those information using Facebook and Twitter, if they are logged. Android have the option to share information also on Google+.

  • Every shared km traveled accumulate points (eons). The greater the distance traveled and the number of users on the same trip, the greater the final gain for the driver
  • The aeons can be exchanged for benefits with partner companies, who like us, think about creating a more conscious community. As individuals who are also part of the platform share a ride through their own market
  • It is important to mention that the SAR, users use their real identity and are not allowed pseudonyms or avatars. Each person acts under his name and his photo. Phone numbers and emails are certified. Moreover, the SAR provides the connection to your Facebook account so that they can connect your SAR profile to your social network.
  • The application works only between friends added by the user.

b. What are trust degrees?

The trust degree of the application is divided in two:

I. Rookie: the user participated in less than 10 trips, either as a driver or passenger;

II. Master: the user has participated in over 10 trips, either as a driver or passenger.

c. Create my Network / Friends

By clicking on the button "Create my Network", will be made a match from your contact list to your phone (email and phone numbers).

There are two lists:

I. SAR Friends: all contacts from the phone book or email who are already enrolled / a profile on the SAR;

II. Invite contact: will show all contacts that do not have the SAR and may be invited to download and begin to use;

By clicking in the "Invite" button, an email will be sent to the persons who you have extended the invitation to download. When you create a list of friends on SAR, you have the option to be visible or not for those. Visibility is done per person and not by contact group. Every new user who install the SAR, the entire contact list that already have the app will receive a notification that it has been added to the list of friends of the new user. If you want to be visible to the person, you must enter in your contact list on the app, and click the visibility icon.

d. Planned Rides

There are three options:

  • Planned: are the trips created by a user that will still occur (the driver).

I. "Create Ride": Set a start and end point of the planned trip ( "From" / "To");

II. Expected date and time to exit (Date / Hour);

III. Description: Add additional information about the trip that the driver finds interesting for the passengers;

IV. Invite Friends: Select friends you want to join you on the trip. If you want to invite a friend who does not have the application there is the possibility to invite the same, informing them of the need to download the application (you can send them a invitation using the app. They will receive a email notification informing that they are invited for a trip);

V. Save ride: you must click on the button for the trip be created.

  • Invites: Travel for which the user was invited and have not yet occurred. By clicking on a notification for a possible trip, will appear the information of the same, and the option to accept or reject the invitation.
  • Find: You can find a trip choosing a specific place or city even the option to filter by date. It will appear only a possible trip, if a friend from your contact list created one.

e. Statistics

Total Rides: it informs about the amount of trips already made by the driver or the passenger;

Total Km: it informs about the amount of km already made by the driver or the passenger;

Total CO2: it informs about the amount of CO2 avoided by the driver or the passenger;

Total Aeons: it informs about the amount of Aeons gained by the driver or the passenger.

f. Notifications

Inside the “Notifications” menu there are two options:

  • Rides: all the notifications about the ride, such as Aeons and requests which are found on this icon;
  • Social: all the notifications about existing friends on your list of contacts that are already using the SAR application.

I. Planned rides: all the invites made to planned rides that are within the “Social”.


By clicking on one of the notifications about Aeons received on a shared ride, it is displayed one screen with the follow details:

  • The upper screen bar: information about all Aeons generated on the travel;
  • “From” / “To”: information about the initial address of the trip until the last address;
  • In the end of the map, it shows the driver and how many Aeons he received;
  • Passengers: passengers’ list who participate in the trip. Also, it reports the amount of Aeons that each won;
  • Invited: Guest list for the trip that did not participate;
  • Notifications: Notifications created about the trip;
  • Informations: Summary information regarding the trip.
  • Social_

    By being invited for a planned trip and clicking on its notification, it will appear:

    • “From” / “To”: information about the initial address of the trip until the last address;
    • Invited: Guest list for the trip. There are three states associated to the invitation:
    • The question mark (?) with orange background means that one person it was invited but didn’t reply to the invitation;
    • The Ex (x) with red background means that the person declined the invitation;
    • O check (P) with green background means that the person has accepted the invitation.

    If exists people who were invited by the driver that aren’t in the passenger list, they can check who they are. However, they can’t get in touch.

    g. Warns

    You can stop receiving notifications and warns created by the application in the notifications’ definitions. For more information, check your manual device’s user.

    h. How to contact a driver?

    You can only contact a driver if he belongs to your friends’ network and if he has a valid phone number.

    i. My reservation request was refused or expired. What can I do?

    The driver refused your reservation request or didn’t respond to your request within the prescribed period?

    There could be many reasons to this happen, such as the driver has changed his mind, has changed his trip or just cancelled.

    j. « In case of problems »

    I. And if it is impossible to contact the driver?

    Probably the driver is one colleague, friend or family so if he doesn’t respond to your calls, he will get in touch as soon as possible.

    II. denied the request and changed my mind. What can I do?

    Driver: Get in touch via mobile with the passenger.

    Passenger: Get in touch via mobile with the driver.

    III. How can I delete my trip?

    It is not possible to delete the trip already made.

    k. How do I know which are the meeting and arrival points of the trip or ride?

    The meeting and arrival location are indicated by the driver and are pointing out accurately on the map. In the published trip detail, you can see which is the drivers’ availability to meet the passengers’ needs (e.g, if he does or not any alternative way). Remember that the driver is not required to fill the details filled. Also, these details can be combined in direct contacts between passengers and drivers via mobile.

    3. My profile

    a. Profile

    To edit the created profile, click on the photo or avatar above your name. The options for editing are:

    • Photo:

    - It is possible to take a picture;

    - It is possible to select one that already exists on the mobile;

    - It is possible to delete the photo.

    b. What are the rules about the photos?

    Photos should be in jpeg, gif or png and can’t exceed 2MB. All photos will be evaluating before being published. We will accept your photo if it meets the following requirements:

    • Only if it is you on the photo
    • It is easy to recognize you (without sunglasses)
    • Your face is visible (we will adjust the picture to your face)

    It is easy: the aim is that other users can recognized you at the meeting point before starting the trip. If your photo doesn’t conform to our standards, we will send an email explaining the reasons and then, we invite you to send another.

    c. And if I haven’t a photo?

    If you haven’t a photo at this moment, you can upload one later on.

    1. Name

    2. Country

    3. Mobile number

    The email is not editable because it is used to send notifications, such as changing the password and checking the register After editing the information, click on the “save” button to save the changes.

    4. My account

    a. It is necessary to be registered?

    It is necessary to register as a user to visit and to use the application, such as contacting another member or share empty seats of your car. Registration is completely free and it is very easy to do it. To register, go to our application and click on “Sign Up”.

    It will be necessary to add the following informations:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Mobile phone
    • Password
    • Password check
    • Picture

    If you wish you can register using Facebook. It will be sent a checking email to finish the registration, only in the case that you are using the registration form.

    b. Login

    To login you must enter in the application and click on the “Log In” button.

    You may login with:

    • The account you have registered
    • Using Facebook

    c. Recover the password

    To recover the password, it is necessary to access the page “Log in” and click on the option “Forgot your password”. It will be necessary to inform the email address and click on the “Recoverer” button. It will be sent a link where you have to change your password. Click on the “New Password” icon in the received email. You will receive a link to change your password. Click on the "New Password" icon in the received email. If you want to change your password more than once, you must do the process again because the link in the email received is valid only once.

    d. Logout

    To log out click on the "Logout" button. If the user has travels not yet synchronized with the server, by clicking on the "Logout" button, you will receive an alert that has travel to yet be synchronized.

    e. Telemóvel

    I. What is it for my phone number?

    The phone number is used to create your contact list within the SAR, and will be used if a friend wants to contact you about a trip.

    f. Email

    I. What it’s for my email?

    The email is to create your contact list and receive alerts, such as email authenticity verification to create an account, if you forget the password, among others.

    g. Facebook

    • Serves as an option to create an account in the SAR;
    • Serves to share information such as travel, amount of Aeons earned, among other information, with your friends.

    h. I can not access my account

    To log into your account, you only need your registration email and password.

    If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password" enter your email where you will receive a link to be able to change your password. If you do not remember the email with which you registered on the site and no longer has access to it, please contact us so we can help.

    i. I can’t register with my phone number

    To register you must complete all required fields. If your phone number is already registered on our app, it means that it is already connected to some SAR account. It is not allowed the same phone to be used in more than one account.

    j. Facebook Connect »

    I. How to disable the connection with Facebook?

    If you want to stop sharing your activity on Facebook, you should log into your account (Facebook account). Then you can do so by clicking on the option applications and unchecking the "Logged on Facebook" the image of the application of SAR.

    I. Which is Facebook Connect?

    Facebook Connect will link your SAR profile with your Facebook account:

    I. Allows you to log in with only one click! Much easier and faster.

    II. Give more reliability to your profile: the information in your Facebook account will be automatically transferred to your Share a Ride account, including the picture and the number of friends. The more complete is your profile, the more reliable it will be. Also, it will be much easier to contact the other users and organize a trip.

    II. What is the checking email?

    You will receive an email with a link where you must access it to complete your registration in the Share a Ride. In this way, we ensure that we can contact you through this email address whenever you need to send you notifications. It is easy and free. To check now your email, click on: “Certifications”.

    l. I can’t check my email

    Please, contact our Care Service User and tell us what it is your problem.

    m. I want to log out/close my account

    Please, contact our Care Service User.