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With your friends, your colleagues or even your boss.

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Share rides with your friends.

Earn Aeons* for each ride you make.

Even if you are not the driver.

Exchange the Aeons*

at our social market.

Start Ride

To start the trip , click on the "Start Ride" button. The passenger, upon entering in the driverĀ“s car, you must click on the " Join Ride" that appears on the home page of the application.

Join Ride

When selecting a friend who is close to you, a message appears on your screen to join the same ride.

Plan Ride

Are the trips created by a user that will still occur (the driver).

Invite Ride

Travel for which the user was invited and have not yet occurred. By clicking on a notification for a possible trip, will appear the information of the same, and the option to accept or reject the invitation.

Earn Aeons

The Aeons are our social coin they assigned by each km traveled. The driver receives the Aeons depending of the number of Kms done, and receives the number of Aeons made by the passengers.

With your friends, your colleagues or even your boss.

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